My name is Nichole Jackson and I am one of the co-pastors of Open Table UCC.  I came to Pottstown to serve as a local pastor in January 2018 and have fallen deeply in love with the borough and its beautiful people.  Jesus is alive and well and at work in Pottstown, and it’s a great privilege to serve here.

My love for Jesus and for people has brought me to many different ministry contexts. Before co-planting Open Table UCC, I served as a local pastor in Pottstown for a little over four years. I have also served as a Hospice and Hospital Chaplain, serving folks at end-of-life and in other clinical and emergency contexts.

I am also very involved in POWER Interfaith, passionately working for fair funding for the Pottstown School District and other underfunded school districts in Pennsylvania.

I live and love with my husband and co-pastor, Rev. Zack Jackson, our two beautiful boys, Charles and Theo, and two dogs, Claire and Juliet. I enjoy being outdoors and especially being on my bike on the Schuylkill River Trail, playing board games, and being with those I love.